Invisible impairments in a 70 year old TBI survivor

Invisible impairments in a 70 year old TBI survivor

Santiago Alcalde tells us about the invisible consequences that have been left after his traffic accident.

In this accident he suffered a head trauma, which brought him to the brink of death and changed his life. He spent more than a month in the IC and had a slow recovery that has left him with several invisible cognitive, emotional and behavioral Impariments . These have affected his life, to the point of having a disability declared. In this new stage of his life, Santiago has learned to value what is really important: family, friends and enjoying the time he has available.

Some of its consequences are manifested in his speed when speaking, which can sometimes can make communication difficult. For this reason, we remind you record that the video is subtitled to make some parts it .

In the video you can see all the consequences that have remained. We remind with his own words that with his effort and the support of specialists and his family, Santiago has managed to live very well and IS delighted with his new life.

Among other limitations, Santiago has problems with impulsiveness, instant memory, spatial location, inattention, etc.

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If you do not see the subtitles you can activate them in the video window on the first card in the subtitles icon in the video menu.

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