“Falling” by Gobieta Alonso

I want to share with you on the blog a very suggestive text that has touched my heart, from Gobi, a mother from Braining Mums, who transmits to us with great clarity, honesty and hope the day-to-day life of many people with an acquired brain injury. He tells us about many things and specifically about falls.


«My friends and I fall frequently.

It’s not that we are clumsier than average, it’s that we are special and sometimes we forget.

We are special because life slapped each one of us that left us in the starting box again. But not in the way that we have all lost our jobs, which also, but worse…

In the starting box of our own humanity. Many of us have had to learn to breathe alone again, to stand upright, to walk, to speak, to recognize or organize ourselves, of course to love each other. We have each started again in a different way, but with many common points: we have all suffered acquired brain damage, most of it associated with the birth of our children, so that is why we are special, we have ABI and we are mothers, almost nothing.

The fact is that we fall frequently because our brain, when it gets tired, “forgets” that we have two feet and we trip easily, which can end up in falls that, above all, crush our self-esteem. Because we always focus on the fact that we have fallen because we have ABI and not that despite the ABI we have managed to walk again or are in the process of doing so. We do not focus on the fact that we have managed (or are achieving) to normalize our lives even more, to return to being a little more who we were fighting to continue integrating ourselves into a normality that tastes like a jackpot…. We don’t even think that everyone falls, we do too, and that’s another sign of conquered normality….no, we fall and let our brain torture us by reminding us that we have a problem and no…….

Friends, no. Don’t let him. Tell your brain that nothing of that. We fall because we are back on our feet. because we walk again and that falling is a victory of our iron will. of our desire to stay alive and being part of our society…..

Friends, tell your brain to forget about making you feel bad about a fall. Because from now on each fall will remind us of everything we have achieved, which is a lot, the effort, the fatigue, the suffering and yes, the reward will be more pain if we fall but those will be war wounds….

Because it is what we are, special warriors, tireless, proud, lovers and mistresses, let our bug brain be annoyed that we are going to keep walking and fighting, right?»



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